Japanese artist Miyabi supports Indonesian national team in the SEA Games 2019 Philippines

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The presence of former adult movie star Maria Ozawa or familiarly called Miyabi became a contention for photos of U-22 national team supporters during the first round break against Vietnam Rizal Memorial Stadium, Manila, Philippines, Sunday.

After the whistle signaled the end of the first round the referee sounded Mohammad Majed Alshamrani from Saudi Arabia, some spectators immediately went to Miyabi who was in the VIP stands to the right of the stadium.

Some spectators, who were mostly U-22 national team supporters, tried to take selfies, and even some had to go up the stands to take movie stars from Japan.

The officer who looked after the 31-year-old woman, seemed overwhelmed by the desire of the people who tried to approach and take selfies, so they were willing to take turns to approach.

Miyabi is known to have intentionally come to support Indra Sjafri’s care team at the 2019 SEA Games, he came wearing a creamy white hat and an armored shirt while holding the Indonesian flag.

After that, the crowd gradually reduced after the players of both countries began to enter the field to continue the second round match.

A preliminary score in the first half of the U-22 national team match against Vietnam, still superior to Indra Sjafri’s team 1-0 and a goal scored by Sani Rizki Fauzi in the 22nd minute.

Meanwhile, from the information of several media in the Philippines, Miyabi has now settled in the country and has long left his career in the entertainment world.

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