How to Make Sitemap for Your Site


SEO – A sitemap from a website is similar to a table of contents of book. Sitemaps are important because they guide web visitors to certain parts of the website that they are interested in. That way they will save time following links and easily find the topic they are looking for.

Sitemaps in the eyes of search engines are used to see if someone is searching for certain keywords or phrases. If you have a site map, chances are your site can be searched easily.

Creating a sitemap, now with soaring software technology, is relatively easier than ever before. You don’t need to be a programming teacher to become a teacher. All it takes is notepad, program editor, and patience.

Here’s How to Make a Sitemap on your website

Make a list in notepad

It doesn’t have to be a notepad. Every word processing program will be carried out. First, make sure to type all the parts and parts of your website. Include all pages and all links that you have. Make it look like you are listing your book. Make a draft first. You sure you won’t miss something like this.

Create a new page for your sitemap

You can put a sitemap on your website on one of its pages or you can create a completely different page for it. Using your notepad, include all the tags needed to create another web page. Open your website creation program and tag your sitemap using it. If you have created your own website, this will be easy for you.

Create a link for a sitemap

You won’t be able to see the site map if you won’t put a link to it, of course. Create a link on the front page of your website so that visitors can immediately see it and be directed precisely.

Check your work

It is important to validate the functionality of the link that you created in the sitemap. Test each one there and if you get an error, be sure to correct it accurately. Run through each page to ensure that everything counts.

Upload your work

Place the sitemap now in your direct browser and check again. It must function as smooth as a dry run. Errors should be minimal at this stage because you have verified them locally.

The steps given along with this are a manual way to create a site map. Nowadays, if you search hard enough on the web, you will find an online program that will do all this for you. All you have to do is type in your URL or website link and they will create a site map by clicking the button.

Of course the method is generic. All of you who have created a sitemap that way will have the same final product, plus there is a possibility that something else will be included there as well. Then again, the process is less tiring and simpler, simpler ways.

But if you want more personal results, and you are quite proficient with your own computer and programming, it’s better to make your own. And because you keep creating your website, creating a sitemap is the same as creating another page on the website. Apart from knowing that the link is accurate, you can adjust the link as you wish. The main body of the site is emphasized compared to the less significant ones. This is especially important if you sell products or offer services online.

Sitemaps are very important for websites. People are searching the web for something. If your website has what that person is looking for, and your sitemap reports it, then you have new customers who see your goods. Not only that, they will see some other things for sale that they might be interested in too.

Sitemaps, whether they are automatically generated by a program or created by you, serve the same purpose. That’s to direct your visitors to where they want to go, and so that you are seen on the World Wide Web through search spiders. So with this, make sure your website has its own sitemap, don’t make one.

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