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K-POP SISTAR19 Comeback

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Antara News – The golden era of K-pop, referred to as the second generation many K-pop artists established the basis of today’s roster of artists we love in the present. However, like birds that migrate, the artists of today have taken off and flitted toward their next home and many have chosen a individual career following the time their band broke up or changed careers. However, even if they’ve been absent for only a short time it is likely that they will find their return home. And in the world of K-pop they’ll only get to experience these events every once in a while.

After 11 years of a pause The adored female K-pop sub-unit SISTAR19 consisting of vocal talent Hyolyn and the fierce rapper Bora found the way to reconnect with one the other. “Just the fact that we are able to work together [again] is very exciting,” Bora who is part of SISTAR19 says to Clash via Zoom. “We’re really looking forward to what [the two of us] can achieve.”

The 16th of January, SISTAR19 marked their return by releasing their much-anticipated single album “No More (Ma Boy)’ which was their first single since more than 10 years. The album features new songs like ‘ No More (Ma Boy)’ and “Saucy The two-piece are back with an increased degree of confidence, which reflects their modern-day outlook. “As we do this project together, Hyolyn and I want our fans to share in all the joy and happiness that we’re experiencing together with our comeback,” Bora states.

When they called during night hours in South Korea, the pair welcomed guests by embracing each other with waves and cheers, wearing a black jacket and black sweater. They’re excited and eager to discuss their long-awaited return to the scene and discuss the lessons they’ve learned from their time in the realm of entertainment over more than two decades. The first and sole subunit to be formed within their collective SISTAR they sought to keep both groups in balance. The result was a swell one. result in their favor.

SISTAR achieved superstar status within the course of their seven-year career as they dominated the airwaves with hit songs such as “Push Push” So Cool’ “Alone” and ‘Touch My Body’ turning everything they put out into gold. In the meantime, SISTAR19 took the world in a storm thanks to their dynamic relationship and they became an unstoppable couple who were able to embrace the emotional challenges of growing into women, incorporating the number 19 to represent the age they had been in the year of their first album release in the year 2011.

Their first single ‘ Ma Boy” sparked a movement that gathered the entire world to master the duo’s infamous move called the body roll. After that came ‘ Gone Not Around for Longer which was released in 2013, their follow-up single brought an entirely new level acceptance, reaching the top of in the Billboard chart for four weeks and reaching No.1. But in the year 2017 SISTAR ended up disbanding, leaving people with the impression that the same happened to SISTAR19. However, that was not the final chapter in their tale.

K-POP SISTAR19 Comeback

Despite the lengthy hiatus, an SISTAR19 return was always on the works. “We’ve always talked about working together again and doing this project for some time now,” Bora states. “For both of us, the timing worked out appropriately.”

When the final details were set to make their return, SISTAR19 wanted to embrace their musical development and show an up-to-date and refined version of their music. “The style of these songs are quite different because we have more sides that we’ve wanted to showcase to our fans,” Hyolyn declares. “And because we’ve been in the industry for quite some time now, we’re a little bit more experienced, a little bit more skilled, and a little bit more relaxed [this time around].”

When image teasers went viral via social media platforms, it brought fans into the midst of a frenzied mania — in love with Hyolyn and Bora’s incredible visually appealing looks, sporting identical set of two sherpa pieces, as well as Western-inspired clothing. When they were asked to select three words to describe their appearance, the duo considered their choices carefully, avoiding ruining the look too much. Hyolyn was able to stand up and began to chimed in. She raised one finger at a moment to each of the words: “Chemistry, twins, and cowgirl!”

The video teaser trailer for the track ‘No More (Ma Boy)‘ came out, the observant fans saw the frame with Hyolyn and Bora looking at each other across the table made of wood — they were speculating on the return of the familiar dance choreography SISTAR19 was the first to develop. If you’re not familiar the previous songs of SISTAR19 “Ma Boy” and “Gone Never Around Forever were choreographed by a unique dancer that included a seating bench or chair. Thus, for the well-known dance to be revived in 2024 felt like a blast from past, in a way.

For SISTAR19, the moment was all the way around. “I mean, it’s not entirely a coincidence,” Bora stated while laughing. “Coincidentally, the props we used [for the video] became an extension to the choreography we had prepared.” We’ve also seen the choreography, it’s an exciting and new relationship to the roots of their work.

The dance-pop track “No More (Ma Boy) which was the precursor of their first hit single “Ma Boy’. However, to SISTAR19 this was a in-relationship and extension of the song’s predecessor. “The original song ‘Ma Boy’ embodies the emotions of a young girl and how she feels in that moment,” Hyolyn says. “Now the time is over it’s more mature [this time around] in the song “No More (Ma Boy )’.” SISTAR19 is moving past the innocence and uncertainty that was portrayed in the song ‘Ma Boy’and, instead chose to embrace the path of acceptance and development to deal with the circumstances.

“It’s an expression of love, but we wanted to incorporate the sense of [coping] with a break-up,” Bora states. “It has a lot of lyrics where you can console yourself without having to grieve over this break-up.” Today, SISTAR19 are no longer nervous women. They’re confident and confident about themselves.

“Saucy” the B-side on the contrary, features an ethereal and romantic vibe which is different from the main single. It was composed and directed vocally by Hyolyn She took control of the song and highlighted the respective strengths. “We intended ‘Saucy’ to portray a different side of us as performers,” Hyolyn declares. “We’ve become a less independent as women, and we wanted to showcase our female bond which we all share between us. We wanted to show some of the most attractive aspects of our bodies in the b-side.” In SISTAR19, the idea of embracing a confident, sexy and empowered energy females was always a key an integral part of the plan.

SISTAR19 Story

Apart from their roles with SISTAR in SISTAR19 and SISTAR19, Hyolyn and Bora are also a part of their own personal names in the field of entertainment. Bora is a TV personality and has been featured on variety programs and as a actress, who has been featured in dramas based on Korean culture such as High-End Crush, A Korean Odyssey and Late Night Cafe Season 2, Hit Up! Hit Up! just to mention a few. In addition, she earned the degree of musical theater to name a few. Myongji University in 2015. In the meantime, Hyolyn became a true multi-hyphenate, with titles such as writer, producer and rapper as well as actress or soloist as well as competing in survival competitions Unpretty Rapstar 2 and Queendom 2. In addition, she launched Bridg3, her own music label. Bridg3. It’s possible to say that they’re both musicians that they’ve learned a lesson or two in this business.

“Well for one, we learned about life,” Bora smiles. “We also learned a lot as entertainers,” Hyolyn elaborates. While working on their respective objectives, Bora and Hyolyn came to a common understanding on the most important thing that made a difference in the development of their respective careers. “I don’t think it’s confined to [just] the entertainment industry but I think this [message] goes across the board for everyone — self-care and self-love are the most important things we’ve learned in over 20 years,” Bora states.

Hyolyn and Bora share a similar attitude when they offer tips to other people who are in the same industry like them. When Bora was a little smug and said “I don’t know if we’re in the position to give any advice,” Hyolyn puts her hand in the air and states, “I do though! Take care of yourself and become who you are.” While this is a common tip, but essential and everyone should listen to. By displaying grace and dignity It’s not surprising that SISTAR19 are role models within the world of K-pop.

The two women are both grateful for the path in order to arrive at this moment in time — often reflecting on their own progress. “As human beings, we’ve learned how to embrace others much more than we did before in the past,” Bora states. “Because of these lessons we picked up in the past 20 years, we were able to come back together as [SISTAR19].”

The hard work of SISTAR19 and their impact within the K-pop world has been evident. Even over the years the group’s return is described”the “return of the legendary unit.” In a raucous celebration of their popularity, SISTAR19 feels shy to acknowledge their achievements. “Wow, it’s embarrassing to hear that we’re legends,” Hyolyn states, laughing with Bora. They’ve been thinking about the factors that make SISTAR19 “legendary” in their minds. “I think music takes the biggest portion,” Hyolyn declares. “I think it’s because the fans loved our music so much, that they were able to love us in turn.”

When looking back at the time they spent together SISTAR19 did not pay much focus on their fame. However, in one moment, it made Hyolyn and Bora satisfied with their efforts. “The moment I felt most proud of our work wasn’t when we were together, but when we met with some of our fans,” Hyolyn describes. “We noticed them singing to our tunes in Korean although there were no translations available to their songs. This was when I felt satisfied, acknowledged as well as acknowledged by the work we performed with them.”

Even with the difficulty of communicating in English, people from all over the world have been eager to study the lyrics to understand the essence of SISTAR19. “We think that’s so crazy [to know that]!” Bora admits, amazed at the extent of their popularity outside South Korea.

While they review their professional careers at SISTAR, SISTAR19, and the solo projects they’ve undertaken, Hyolyn and Bora are happy for every moment of their lives. In our chat they’re confident of their ability as performers. “There are numerous different girl groups and units [out there],” Hyolyn states. “But there’s a special kind of chemistry that Bora and I can offer and bring to the table.” In the end, this is what is what makes them huge and significant in today’s world.

As our conversation draws to an end, SISTAR19 looks towards the future, and is curious about what the future holds for the group. With their whole career consolidated and not forgetting about SISTAR, Hyolyn and Bora take a look at one another with deep reflection. “[The two of us] want to be remembered as a duo/group that is unique and [that] there has never been anyone like us, before us, or after us,” Hyolyn affirms, sticking to her statement. Bora who is awed by Hyolyn’s answer, smiles with a smile.

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