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Leak Honkai: Star Rail version 2.5 Reveals Returning Character

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Games, AntaraNews – The Honkai: Star Rail leak may have shown that one of the characters from the game will be returning in version 2.5. Honkai: Star Rail has numerous lineup of playable characters who comprise different teams as well as play characters in the game’s story.

In conjunction with Honkai Star Rail officially concluding the Penacony section as well as Astral Express Crew Astral Express Crew is reportedly returning with the Xianzhou Luofu with Version 2.4 to participate in the Wardance Luminary Ceremony of Combat Arts. This is a very exciting moment because it’ll introduce brand new characters, such as the forthcoming Honkai Star Rail 5-star characters Yunli and Jiaoqiu along with a updated version of the 7th March.

Recently, an Honkai: Star Rail leak has revealed the previously-rumored Version 2.5 beta-character looks and will likely contain a Tingyun-themed variant. According to the Reddit article about the leak of Uncle G7DD8tV the new Tingyun appearance is said to have “at least four tails” as well as long, white hair, with a touch of pink. It’s a complete departure from her usual brown-haired style. The leak did not mention whether the brand new Tingyun could be played in the near future, or whether she’d make her debut on Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.4 alongside the various other characters from Xianzhou Luofu characters.

On the forums, a lot of Honkai Star Rail fans expressed their excitement and surprise in the news that Tingyun had an entirely new look, particularly as she’s been absent from activity since the conclusion of the Xianzhou Luofu mission. There was also speculation that the new Tingyun may be completely opposite of the charming personality she Honkai Star Rail players were acquainted with before they saw Tingyun.

What Happened to Tingyun in Honkai: Star Rail?

Tingyun is among the only characters that can be played Tingyun is one of the few characters playable in Honkai: Star Rail characters who is considered to be dead. In version 1.3 the story is revealed that Phantylia, the Undying utilized her as a means to penetrate the Xianzhou Luofu which eventually resulted in the snapping of the neck of Tingyun. Even though it was the case that Astral Express Crew witnessed Tingyun’s disappearance, her body went missing, leading many people to think that they might have her alive in some place. However, Honkai: Star Rail characters continued to mourn the deceased during a funeral prior to going to Xianzhou.

The possibility of Tingyun being a possibility to receive an alternative model, this will represent the first instance Honkai Star Rail will do this with the non-protagonist. In addition to that of the Trailblazer, Dan Heng is a five-star character in the form of Imbibitor Lunae which, in turn, on the 7th of March will get an alternative DPS form.

How long will you be able to participate in Jiaoqiu for Honkai Star Rail? Jiaoqiu’s release dates announced

Jiaoqiu’s release date will be August 20th 20, 2024 at the very least in Hoyoverse’s drip-marketing for the character.

It’s important to note that the scheduled release date of Jiaoqiu may change, as Hoyoverse has not confirmed the character will release up to HSR 2.4.

As Yunli is scheduled to be launched to Phase 1 of 2.4 Jiaoqiu is the second phase that would suggest a late-August launch date. This section will be updated of the story in the event that Hoyoverse confirms the launch date for HSR 2.4.

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