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Rain and Kim Ha Neul Will Be Attracted To One Another In The Upcoming Drama, “Red Swan”

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Movies, AntaraNews – A poster with serie stills has been released for the Disney+ series, “Red Swan“.

Oh Wan Soo’s (Kim Ha Neul) story revolves around her dream of an upper-class life and marriage to the Hwain Group heir. The secret behind the Hwain Family is revealed when her bodyguard Seo do Yoon, Rain, who stands at her side all the time, reveals it to her.

The drama is directed by Park Hong Kyun who has previously worked on “Hwayugi,” ‘The Greatest Love,” and ‘The Great Queen Seondeok”. The script will be written Choi Yoon Jung the author of “Only Love”, “Three Sisters”, and “The Person I Love”.

Red Swan Cast

Kim Ha Neul is transformed into Oh Wan Soo. A professional golfer, she becomes chairman of the foundation when she marries the Hwain Group heir and achieves worldwide fame for her charitable work. Rain is Seo do Yoon. Do Yoon is a graduate of a police school and has excellent martial arts abilities. He joins Hwain Group Security with an own goal and the job of protecting Wan Soo. Seo Je Moon, Ki Eun Se and Jung Gyu Woon will also be showcasing their talents and charisma. Jung Gyu Woon is Wan Soo’s spouse and the Hwain Group’s successor Kim Yong Guk. Seo Yi Wook is Park Mi Ran, chairman of Hwain Group. Yoon Je Moon plays Han Sang Il as Hwain Group’s representative attorney.

Ki Eun Se takes on the  Jang Tae Ra who wants to be the new face for Hwain Group.

Main poster shows the Hwains in their mansion, displaying strong personalities. The painting adds to an air of eerie mystery, and ironic text, which reads “Everything they are is revealed elegantly”, makes viewers curious about what lies beneath the surface.

Red Swan

Red Swan” is a 10 episode series that will release two episodes every Wednesday, starting on the 3rd of July. Watch out for more!

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