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Release Date “I Know What You Did Last Summer” Confirmed

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Movies, AntaraNews – Sony as well as Columbia Pictures’ legacy sequel I Know What You Did Last Summer is now set for the date for its release. It was originally based off the novel of 1973 with similar title from Lois Duncan, 1997’s original I Know What You Did last summer was a hit with a host of famous actors from the time, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillipe as well as Freddie Prinze Jr. From the time of its release in 1997, the series would produce two sequels as well as an brief “I Know What You Do” last summer television revival. The new sequel to the original series was announced in February 2023.

The project that has been awaited for a long time is taking a major leap ahead, this time having secured an official date for its release in 2025. It is currently scheduled to hit theaters on the 18th of July 2025 and the sequel is expected to direct by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson based on the script written by Leah McKendrick. Neil Moritz, who produced the first film and the 1998 sequel I Still Remember the Things You Have Done Last Summer and is set to reprise his role as the producer.

Could Summer 2025 Become A Battle Between 90s Slasher Revivals?

Although slasher flicks are a result of films that came out prior to 1997’s I Have No Idea How You Feel, the late 1990s saw a revival of creativity in the genre of horror. Inspiring by the popularity of Scream in 1996 Scream, Hollywood studios would be following suit, releasing an extensive variety of their slasher flicks that were directed by some of the most prominent teen icons of the day.

While the majority of those films failed to attain just a tiny portion of the critical or commercial popularity of Wes Craven’s Scream and the first I Know the Things You Did Last Summer is one of the most successful attempts at capitalizing on the genre’s reemergence. Furthermore, it also benefitted from the script written by Scream creator and screenwriter Kevin Williamson. With the series’ new sequel to its legacy getting a release date of 2025 the audience will be able to witness the character of Hewitt’s Julie James going head-to-head with Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott to decide who will be horror’s ultimate girl.

In the wake of The Scream movie changing its plot in order to emphasize Campbell’s return in the series as well as I’m sure the Things You Did Last Summer intends to bring Hewitt back and a 2025 showdown at the box office is a possibility for fans of horror. His return to the franchise has not yet been confirmed but she’s expressed an desire to return for the sequel. Naturally, Scream 7 is yet to get the official date for its release, however, the possibility of directly battling between the two franchises could be a fantastic possibility.

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